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Synopsis vs. Blurb

October 27, 2021 chris 0

I joined a writing group recently and as a published writer it seems people expect me to know about… stuff. Writing stuff. Editing stuff. Publishing […]

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The Cat Sat on the Mat

April 24, 2021 chris 0

So, this was a slightly experimental thing that I made. Ultimately the time it took was way longer than I thought was worth it for […]

Terry and the Monsters

January 15, 2021 chris 0

The hospital corridor was cold. The floor was cold, chilling Terry through his socks, and the walls were cold as he traced his fingertips along […]

A Little Lucy Christmas

December 24, 2020 chris 0

Once upon a time, there was a little village called Frostingle. It was a perfect little place with a perfect little pub, a perfect little […]

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Collecting for the Firm

November 20, 2020 chris 0

“It’s all there,” said Patrick, placing a grimy sports bag underneath the table. The bar was too dark and noisy for anyone to notice Patrick […]