Lethbridge-Stewart: Lineage

June 7, 2020 chris 0

The Lethbridge-Stewart name carries with it stories of integrity, honour and courage. But was it always so? From its earliest origins with the Clan Stewart […]

The George Kostinen Mystery

June 7, 2020 chris 0

With the fate of every reality hanging in the balance, the Accord sends Lethbridge-Stewart to a brand-new version of Earth. His mission: to find Lucy […]

The Dark

June 7, 2020 chris 0

Imagine a story that you can drink, a story that you can feel, a story you can live. Welcome to the city of Dante, and […]

Horror Story Collection #1

June 7, 2020 chris 0

“Horror Story Collection #1” collects ten short stories from critically acclaimed horror and comics writer Chris Lynch. In Horror Story Collection #1 you will visit […]

Magpye: Circus of Death

June 7, 2020 chris 0

Able Quirk is dead… but that won’t stop him from taking his revenge. A freakshow circus is burnt to the ground, leaving no survivors. A […]


April 6, 2020 chris 0

Belle fixed her hair in the mirror, carefully tucking away any stray strands of wiry grey that had escaped her hair clips and pins. She […]